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Lead with You, You’re More Than Enough

Lead with You, You’re More Than Enough

It’s often said that talking about ourselves is the hardest thing to do. We can praise and compliment others but when it comes to ourselves, the words escape us or we change the subject. I mean really think about it for a second. When you go on a job interview and they ask, “Tell me about yourself?,” how do you respond? Do you have to think about it? Do you keep it surface-level? After all, you got you there. So what is so difficult about talking about ourselves in a positive light and sharing the good things we have going on? 

I’ve experienced this plenty of times, especially on social media. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I’ve pivoted when it comes to sharing. Most people who know me know I’m a décor enthusiast and that’s how I modeled my first Instagram page to look like. But it got old fast — really fast — and I felt like it had to be more than that. And after a few adjustments, quirky type name changes and more, I still wasn’t satisfied. I just didn’t….feel it.

So I stopped posting for a little while to take a step back and really think about the message I wanted to share. What do I love? What am I good at? I am a wife, I am a mother, I am a woman and so much more. I knew whatever I shared had to encompass all of those complex components. I prayed on it — as with many of my important decisions — and the answer was simple: Lead with YOU. 

No one knows me better than me. No one can tell my story better than I can. So I pivoted, and decided to share me. It doesn’t mean it’s always simple. There are days I don’t want to share because I fear my story isn’t interesting enough, or maybe people will see I’m not always “put together”. Well, the truth is I don’t have it all together. But no one does…and that’s okay. What’s important is that we show up every day and give it our best. We show up and show ourselves, and that should always be enough. 

The importance of leading with YOU cannot be overstated. YOU are more than enough. YOU are interesting. YOU are exciting. YOU have a story to tell. You are not here to be good. Instead you are here to be honest, but if you end up being both, that’s an even greater win. Lead with your power, lead with love, lead with your personal experiences and lead with compassion. 

The world is waiting for you to lead, Sis, and I will be right here on the sidelines cheering you on.

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