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Hey Moms, Here’s How to Find Your Style In Motherhood

Hey Moms, Here’s How to Find Your Style In Motherhood


After the birth of your beautiful little one(s), you soon shift from needing to simply keep them alive to, how do I get back to me? I’m not here to talk about lights at the end of the tunnel, calm after storms, etc. Because children and motherhood aren’t storms to weather, but additions to embrace and sync with the things that make you a woman. To put it plainly — your existence isn’t suddenly hinged on your child — motherhood is another wholesome layer…an extension of you.

So, how do we shake the feeling of having to live for our little ones? A good place to start is with your style. As a mom, it’s easy to settle into a comfy legging and t-shirt combo — for life! It’s just something about having children to focus on that style gets pushed aside and replaced by convenience. We all reminisce on the days when we rocked this and stunned in that, which is lost in motherhood for several reasons:

  1. Money: How can we justify spending on ourselves, when the littles outgrow their things regularly.
  2. Body changes: I’ve yet to meet a woman whose body hasn’t changed postpartum. Even if the numbers on the scale are the same — hips are wider and we’re just softer all ways around.
  3. Listlessness: That feeling of lacking energy or enthusiasm stems from the reality of motherhood — there’s just so much to get done. And with time, style and fashion usually rank low on our long to-do lists.
  4. Others opinions: It’s hard to admit that something as personal as style is influenced by the opinions of others, but for some it’s true. In a world of likes, comments and shares it’s easy to fall victim to allowing others thoughts to hold you back.

The first place to start is answering the question, “What do I want to look like?” From a mommy perspective, are you channeling, Beyonce, Ciara, Cardi B, Serena Williams or Tia Mowry? It’s okay to have inspiration!

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Or maybe you’re looking to channel a sitcom mom, like Rainbow Johnson, Cookie Lyons, Raven Baxter, Cocoa McKellan, Beth Pearson or Bonnie Carlson.

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Or maybe your inspo comes from within and you’d like to channel boho chic, preppy, trendy or vintage. Either way, now that you have a bit of inspo, let’s get into it!

Here are 4 Ways to Maintain Your Personal Style, Even as a Busy Momma

1. Simplify

As a mom, life is just more complex and full of so many new variables. Your new style lane shouldn’t further complicate what’s on your plate. A natural step in simplifying is identifying your body type and learning what works for you. For instance, if you’re more boxy, belted and gathered at the waist styles help to form the look of a curvier waist. In dressing for your body type you’ll boost your confidence and feel more comfortable.

2. Get rid of the clutter

Those old clothes that you haven’t worn since college can go! Sis, you are not wearing that sequins mini skirt from 2019 NYE…ever again. The items that haven’t been in rotation for years are a great place to start in decluttering, some other things to get rid of are:

  • Faded, stained and tattered clothing
  • Garments made of synthetics and flimsy fabrics
  • Ill fitting items
  • Pieces that are uncomfortable
  • Past-trend or out of style items
  • Clothing that doesn’t fit your lifestyle anymore

Donate or sell the things that don’t make it back to your closet and drawers.

3. Think capsule

Another way to streamline your look is to create a capsule wardrobe. The idea dates back to the 70s and was made “famous” in the US by Donna Karan’s Seven Easy Pieces. A capsule wardrobe is a limited selection of versatile pieces that complement each other so well, that you love to wear them. Here are a few steps from Un-Fancy to develop your own capsule wardrobe.


4. Invest in what’s underneath

Your undergarments are the foundation of your entire look. As a mom, it’s best that they’re great fitting, to smooth and polish your new style. It’s nothing like having a great outfit, ruined by panty lines and bra straps. Invest in quality bras, panties and shapewear – the tiny attention to detail will make a positive impact on the route to embracing you.

Moms, small changes in your wardrobe make a world of difference. Do it for yourself!

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