Tanisha Marklalnd

Tanisha Markland was born and raised in Westchester County, New York. She received multiple degrees throughout her years of education and views her degree in Childhood education as the most valuable because it aligns with her purpose. She is a Dual- Certified Educator. She is certified in Elementary School Education and Early Childhood Special Education. Her entrepreneurial journey has taken her beyond the classroom environment generating multiple streams of income and coaching others through some of the processes she has taken. She is the Founder of the I am Influential Brand. This brand consists of a travel agency that specializes in multi-generational travel and a non-profit organization for children ages 8-18. She’s inspired by the children in this world and deliberate about being a lifelong learner. Her life’s work is to educate those around her by being an example, providing opportunities and the space to explore life.

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