Ayanna Antoine

Ayanna Antoine is the Founder and CEO of Best Kept Secret Skincare, LLC. By day she works as a Human Resources Professional but outside of work hours, she continues to grow the business whose mission is to leverage natural ingredients in providing an affordable avenue for combatting skin issues and maintaining long-lasting moisture. Best Kept Secret (BKS) was born from a recognized need and its alignment with an internal desire. Growing up in a Haitian household, Ayanna was raised with the ideals that self-love extends to the way one cares for their own body. Her pride in maintaining radiant skin grew to a desire to extend the same excitement to individuals, especially black people, who may not always see the beauty of their skin. It’s the “Best Kept Secret” because it’s hidden in plain sight. Using the gifts that that nature has given for centuries, BKS is excited to provide an experience of radiance, moisture and affordability to empower self-care.

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